Shipping Policy

We use two primary carriers for our shipments: USPS and UPS. It’s important to note that while USPS operates from Monday to Sunday and UPS from Monday to Saturday, our specific shipping operations run from Monday through Friday.

Handling Time

Our commitment is to process and ship out your orders as swiftly as possible. The average time it takes for us to process an order ranges from 24 to 48 hours. This timeframe, however, can vary based on the nature and volume of the items in your order.

If you place an order after 12 p.m. PST on Friday and throughout the weekend, you might experience a slight delay in processing. Remember, the mentioned processing time doesn’t include the actual transit time, which will depend on the shipping option you choose.

It’s also worth noting that during peak times, like sale events or the holiday season, our usual shipping process might experience some changes due to the high volume of orders.

Estimated Delivery

Once your order is ready to be shipped, we’ll send you a confirmation email with all the shipping details, including the tracking number. If you opt for USPS/UPS Priority Mail, the typical delivery time is between 2-4 days. For those who choose USPS/UPS Express Shipping, you can expect your order to be delivered in 1-2 days, although this depends on the exact time your order was shipped out. It’s crucial to understand that these delivery times are estimates. Unexpected delays can occur, which might be beyond our control.

If, unfortunately, a package goes missing during transit, rest assured we’ll support you in seeking a resolution. The initial step is to reach out to the respective carrier (USPS or UPS) to discuss the situation and file a claim. Once that’s done, please share the claim number and a detailed description of the problem with us at, and we will promptly address the matter.

Concerns with Delivered Products

In the event your package arrives with any issues, be it damaged items, shattered containers, or incorrect items, we urge you to quickly snap photos of the products. Then, send these images along with a brief description of the problem to and we’ll work towards resolving the issue.


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